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Property/Facility Management

FOLA OYEKAN & ASSOCIATES provide excellent services in the management of property of all types ranging from single family dwelling structures to vast residential estates and high-rise commercial buildings. The management services cover securing worthy tenants, management of tenancies, rent collection, service charge administration, property maintenance, and offers professional advice on property insurance, facility management etc.

Our facility managers assist clients in deploring strategies that best suit their long-term objectives for assets and facilities by setting performance target, prioritizing risk, forecasting cost and cost uncertainties.

FOLA OYEKAN & ASSSOCIATES ensures that adopted asset management strategies to inform, and ensure consistency with, the clients’ strategic directions, key targets, and balanced scorecards. Our firm, with her crew of experienced management surveyors, Engineers and Technicians always avail our professional services to ensure that the objectives in real estate development are realised.