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Work Plan

Our strategy will involve the following:

  1. Drawing out preliminary reconnaissance survey to ascertain the extent of property to be valued.
  2. Conduct comprehensive physical inspection of all items constituting the subject matter of the valuation
  3. Carrying out market Survey; so as to generate appropriate comparables for the subject property.
  4. Collection of data and analysis of data; to suite the purpose and method of valuation to be adopted.
  5.  Appraisal processes for determining the value of the subject property.
  6. Preparation of valuation report in a detailed manner featuring all the items of the subject matter of the valuation in a sequential order with simple and clear language.
  7.  Preparation of floor plans and sketches including photographs of all the items constituting the subject matter of the valuation.
  8. Run through our quality control assurance and control check to achieve excellence and ensure that the report conforms with the standards of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers as well as International standards.
  9. Produce the required number of copies for submission.
  10.  Bind, seal and sign the report.
  11. Submit valuation report along with our fee note.